The Alberta Basketball Officials Association (ABOA) is a dedicated and collaborative partner in the basketball community supporting over 750 active and retired officials, evaluators and honorary life members. Our programs and member services address: recruitment, education, training, development, evaluation, and certification of officials aimed to empower our members to reach their full potential as basketball officials.

How to become a referee?

The quick answer is to contact your local board

Each of the local regions maintains a clinic and certification regimen which serves as the starting point for officiating.  This includes things like minimum age and internal recruitment standards.

The National Officials Certification Program (NOCP) was launched in 2007.  The NOCP was created to assist in the education and development of officials.  The NOCP currently consists of five levels; three of which are administered by ABOA, one by the Canada Basketball Officials Commission and one by FIBA.  The purpose of the NOCP is to assist in the education and development of officials, while maintaining a continuity of the product that goes on the floor.  The programs goal was to enhance outcomes with respect to rules knowledge, floor mechanics, game management, and court presence.