Rules Bulletin – 18.01


With some significant rule changes occurring this year.  Rules bulletins highlighting some substantial differences will be posted. Please see the following.

  1. Offensive Technical Foul (Interpretation 17-39 STATEMENT)
    • Backcourt - Shot Clock REMAINS THE SAME
    • Frontcourt - If above 14, it will be RESET TO 14
    • Frontcourt - If below 14, it will REMAIN THE SAME
      • Interpretation for Bullet 2 must be adhered to as the rule does not specifically outline the above. 
  2. Technical Foul and a Timeout (Interpretation 18/19-24)
    • 1 Free Throw to be administered immediately, BUT AFTER A TIME OUT
      • FIBA Rule Change Powerpoint Slide 14
      • Interpretation 18/19-24
    • Example:
      • Player A1 is fouled in the act of shooting on an unsuccessful basket. Player A1 is awarded 2 FT attempts. Following the first FT attempt, Coach A has assessed a technical foul. A timeout is called by TEAM A or B.
      • Timeout is granted. Following the timeout, Team B will shoot 1 technical foul free throw at the opposite end. Player A1 will then shoot their second FT with players lined up and play will occur off the free throw.

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