About Us

The Alberta Basketball Officials Association (ABOA) is a dedicated and collaborative partner in the basketball community supporting over 750 active and retired officials, evaluators and honorary life members. Our programs and member services address: recruitment, education, training, development, evaluation, and certification of officials aimed to empower our members to reach their full potential as basketball officials.

Mission & Vision

To actively engage our members through the promotion of services and programs to achieve excellence in basketball officiating.

Connect, lead and inspire our members to be the highest quality officials for the game of basketball.

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of professionalism with expert knowledge of the game and respect for all participants.

We act with integrity by demonstrating honesty and behave in a trustworthy manner through our credible character and ethical conduct.

We are a progressive association through the use of innovate technologies, creative thinking, flexibility and a collaborative approach.

We are committed to excellence by taking positive action, personal responsibility with a focus towards competency and dedication to continuous improvement.